Donovan Simons

Donovan Simons


My name is T. Donovan Simons. I am originally from the islands of Bermuda and the father of 5 beautiful children. I reside in Winter Haven, FL.

As far back as I can remember, I have always enjoyed the various arts (singing, playing piano, writing, poetry, and drawing just to name a few) and have been actively involved with a few of them throughout my life. As a child, I was very shy and often played and kept to myself. In the past, I did not enjoy being in crowds and especially did not like being the center of attention. Ironically, what I enjoy doing most these days puts me front and center before crowds. The only way I am able to explain this contradiction is that I enjoy the craft more than I feel shy or uncomfortable in front of an audience.

I first began writing poetry at the age of nine. Much of my writings I have destroyed as the sole purpose it served were to allow me to express my thoughts and feelings. It wasn’t until I was attending college that I was encouraged by a friend to save my poetry. Since a great portion of my poetry reflects my thoughts, experience and feelings, it has come to serve as the diary of my life. Later this year, I will complete my first self-published book of poetry entitled “The Inner Voice.” Many have found my writings easy to relate to and encouraging. Hopefully, those of you who read my work will experience the same.

Music has been my saving grace. The power of great music is difficult to articulate into words. I have been greatly influenced by artists such as Lionel Richie, Jeffrey Osborne and James Ingram. I first sang publicly in 1988 after entering a talent show in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico. I received first place after performing James Ingram’s song “Just Once” and have been singing at church events, weddings, banquets and other special events ever since.

As with many kids, I doodled on scrap paper and anywhere else I was allowed. During my sophomore year in high school I was afforded the opportunity to work in a print shop as part of a work/study program. This allowed me to learn the craft of graphic design and printing from concept to completion. In August of 1994, I started my own graphic arts and printing business, Urban Graphix & Printing.

I first became interested in photography during my freshman year in high school. I became one of the yearbook staff photographers using my very first 35mm camera my parents bought for me, the Pentax K1000. I continued taking pictures throughout high school and college for the annual yearbooks. In November of 2007 I started my own photography business, Simons’ Studios.

In 2008, I embarked upon a music ministry. I began singing, playing the piano and interacting with the residents at a nursing home. This ministry grew to include approximately a dozen other nursing homes and assisted living facilities in Atlanta and the surrounding area. I’m often told by the residents, their families and the staff how blessed they are by the ministry. Somehow I’m more inclined to believe that I receive the greatest blessing as I always leave feeling so much better than when I arrive.

It is my hope that as you visit my cyber home that you will be blessed, encouraged, entertained, and enlightened. I look forward to receiving your questions, comments and support.